The Flowers

Hi, there! I’m Staci Bledsoe, the “Face Behind The Vase” here at Laurel Greene Studio. If you are searching for floral curations that tend to be on the wild side, you’ve come to the right place!

We are a garden style floral design studio, based in Birmingham, Alabama, offering full-service floral + botanical stylings all over the Southeast and beyond. Our clients tend to be wild at heart and deeply influenced by originality, mood, and the naturally occurring world around them. With a unique ability to blend unexpected ingredients, colors, and textures our work results in one-of-a-kind arrangements that represent each client’s own personality and vision.

Creating organic movement with products “from the garden” is the soul of our brand and that usually means going completely rogue and out of bounds, like mother nature herself. However, once the design fully blossoms and comes to life, the look will feel entirely intended, like the blooms and foliage were always going to grow that way, regardless of the hands that helped.

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Face Behind
The Vase

My business was named after two women that mean so much to me:

Laurel “Laurie” is one of my dearest friends, a huge encourager behind my dream to start this flowery endeavor and today you can often find her in the studio or on location as my extended hands, still cheering me on with her loyal support.

Juanita Green is my grandmother. She raised four children as a single parent. Though she passed away in early 2018, I will always remember her as an example of warmth, strength, and resilience. She was a phenomenal story teller and hugger, quick with her wit, and wildly mischievous. All of the wonderful qualities these women represent are woven into the DNA of Laurel Greene Studio.
There are three lions in my life that I love fiercely: my dad, husband, and son. All born in August, all Leo’s. I don’t believe in coincidence.

My sister is my soul mate. She is a Libra with moon in Sagittarius, I am a Sagittarius with moon in Libra. The universe intended us; my “witchy” counterpart. And our mother is lead broomstick.

A little slice of happiness: wandering aimlessly under the sun, shears in hand, hunting for something I don’t expect to find, but always do.

I am deeply drawn to these words from Michelangelo, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” I feel this way about my flowers. Carving, until I see meaning.